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STR Service AB and GDPR
Rules on protection of the processing of personal data

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the European Council. In English, the regulation is called "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) and in Swedish it is called “Dataskyddsförordningen” (

STR Service AB is in some cases responsible for the processing of personal data according to GDPR.

The STR Service AB Privacy Policy, together with our Terms and Conditions, governs the collection, processing and use of your personal data.

The intention of the regulation is to strengthen the fundamental right of the individual by providing those whose personal data is being processed - those registered - control over the use of their personal data. For example, a data subject may be a person who has entered or intends to enter a contractual relationship with STR service AB or one of its members in the Swedish National Association of Driver Trainers, but also personnel within the organizations associated with STR Service AB.

How we manage your personal data at STR Service AB

STR Service AB undertakes all measures possible to make sure the information is protected on the highest possible level. Your personal data will be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy only.

How do we protect your privacy and personal data?

We process your personal data only in conformity with the mentioned purposes, grounds and deadlines. Data access is only available to a limited number of people who have had prior training on how to work with personal data.

Upon the General Data Protection Regulation becoming fully enforceable, STR Service AB undertook a detailed analysis and audit of all our processes related to personal data processing. As a part of this analysis, we controlled our partners, revised our procedures and rules, trained our employees and consulted information security experts to ensure we meet the highest standards of information privacy and security.

Why do we need your personal data?

Providing us with your personal data is optional but it is necessary if you wish to use our products, services or participate in our courses. Your personal data will be stored and processed to fulfil responsibilities, as described below.

Processing is in compliance with GDPR, as STR Service AB has a valid interest in processing the personal data for the following purposes: Calculate membership benefits, discounts and grant course participation, marketing such as newsletter and offers, ensure that you receive your membership benefits, marketing- and customer analytics and system development, personal services by answering your questions via web forms, phone or chat, provide tips and advices via SMS, and to give you opportunity to create a personal account (my pages) on STRs website. Your social security number (“Personnummer”) is registered as STR Service AB needs ability to confirm your identity, also to meet certain authorities’ requirements, such as the Swedish Transport Agency. Your personal data will be processed in our IT systems and STR may disclose personal information to other members of the Association or to companies with whom we cooperate, for offers, membership benefits or for any of the other purposes listed above. By law, we may also need to share personal data to authorities.

What personal data is collected and stored?

The personal information we process is your name, social security number, address, e-mail address, telephone/mobile phone number and IP-address.

Legal grounds for personal data processing

All processing of personal data with STR Service AB has legal grounds under the GDPR. Depending on the products, services, courses or educational participation you order, we address mainly four legal grounds:

- Contract: The data subject has a contract or will enter into a contract with STR Service AB as data controller.
- Weighing of interests: STR Service AB may process personal data without the data subject's consent if STR Service AB interests outweigh those of the data subject and if the processing is necessary for the purpose in question.
- Legal obligation: There are laws and rules that accommodate STR Service AB processing certain personal data in our activities.
- Consent to the processing of personal data: If your (or your relative's) personal data is registered/processed for any other purpose than specified above, additional consent is required. This consent will be recorded separately, disconnected from other conditions.

You have the right to revoke your consent at any time. STR Service AB then have no further rights to process your personal data.

For how long your personal data is stored

STR Service AB processes and stores your personal data only if necessary for us to be able to administer services and assignments for you, or if we are legally bound to store them. They are then deleted according to the screening routine. We will not delete your personal data if a legal storage requirement or a legal basis to hold them is present.
If you provided your personal data for us to deliver you with a service, training or products, the information will be stored in accordance with applicable procedures and only as is necessary or regulated by law. After they have served their purpose, they will be deleted.

Your rights

It is within your right to know how your personal data is processed. You can therefore request information access about the management of said data. Also, within your rights are requesting inaccurate personal information to be corrected, limitation of redundant handling and unfounded handling deleted. You may request personal data to be transferred from our system to another operator, so-called data portability. Send your request for any of the above to the company address (below).

We hope, of course, that you primarily address us for questions regarding our personal data processing. Contact The Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen) with any complaints if you are dissatisfied with our processing of personal data.

If you suspect unauthorized access and/or use of your account, please take measures by changing your password or contact us using the following contact details for further assistance.

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Changes in the current policy

Changes in this policy will be announced. In the event of a substantial change we will inform you by sending an email.

Effective Date: 20180525